Monday, July 20, 2009

Need to renew...

Our Garmin GPS has died. I am not sure why...a little over a year old is a pretty sudden death. We bought him at Costco, and our membership is currently expired, we just haven't had time to get there (it is about 30 minutes away)...we hope they would help us out or maybe we have to call Garmin, not sure.
Must go renew our membership to find out what the next step is....and to get some of those wonderful dogs, ice cream....MMM.

Back to our Garmin. We loved it, it was wonderful for the time we had it. He got us where we needed to go with ease. The screen was nice and big so we could actually see the streets, AND we got to pick from different cars to drive on the little screen. By far my favorite option=)

So here is hoping either Costco or Garmin stand behing the product that died an awfully sudden death.

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