Monday, July 13, 2009

The Par-TAY

The Glam station
The girls got all glammed up with sparkles everywhere, nail polish, necklaces and jewel tatoos.

The we decorated cardboard guitars

They turned out so cute!
I painted them black and then put the silver sparkle paint on, the girls embellished!

Punch in fake wine glasses and blow up microphones!

Some yummy ice cream cake!!

We also had a jam session with the guitars, and the girls made up dance routines, and we did High School musical Wii karakoe!

Wish I could post more, but don't know how to black out faces and don't want to put other peoples kids on here without permission.


Wendy said...

wow Donna:) What a fun party!! Merci must have had a blast

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! Merci is very blessed to have such a fun and nice mommy!

Renata said...

What a fun party! You rock! :-)