Monday, July 20, 2009

So how's the weather?

So what is with this weather??
Have we had a Summer yet?
How come I have no AC in my house and have not even needed it??
How come we have only used our jet ski once?

Usually we here in Ohio talk about cross country moving in the frigid, arctic Winter months...but seriously a little bit of California weather, Florida for that matter sounds pretty nice rigth now...

I bet no one is complaining about droughts this year? Are they, because maybe we have had all the rain here....Hey...Mother nice...SHARE the rain with everyone....K??
I mean seriously it has been weeks since I have had to water the plants, and they look pretty good!

A mild Summer has been nice, hopefully that means a very long Fall;)

I will enjoy the mildness and hope for at least a few weeks on really nice warm Summer weather in the next few weeks, and then I will be back to whine about the heat!


Jenna said...

Sorry about your weather... where we live I love the summer weather. It is generally in the 80s during the day, 40s at night and rarely rains (an occasional pop up afternoon shower). Of course, it gets down to -20 here in the winter... so we all have to make sacrifices with weather I guess!

BTW, you aren't the first person who has told me salt equaled boy for them... we'll find out in about two months!

Renata said...

I've quite enjoyed not feeling like my mind has melted (like the day you came to visit, so sorry if I was a somewhat out of it).