Monday, August 25, 2008

What do you think?

Ah, it has been so hard keeping up latley. Not sure why, it isn't like the hours in the day have changed or anything, and I have 1 less kid for a few days now. Josh and I have been contemplating not taking part in family Christmas celebrations this year, but to spend all that money on ourselves and take a vacation (maybe in one of these condo hotel)?

Is that greedy? Or is it smart?
Have you ever done this, just go away to get away from all the family obligations and drama?


Melissa said...

Do it!! I think its very smart and a nice memory for the kids of something different for the holidays. I was thinking about doing a holiday vacation too in a couple of years when Katelyn is older.

L said...

Yay! Good for you! Very good idea. I've tried talking my family(sister/cousins/etc) into skipping all the gift giving. Two reasons. #1 I hate seeing all the kids so greedy, ripping the gifts open then tossing it aside, asking for another.
#2, I cant stand shopping for about 9 other kids, who I have no idea what they'd want or like.

Okay, here is a #3. I hate having the house so full of toys that they wont even end up using.

I have asked that we skip the whole thing, but no one wants to. So, if you do that, good for you and your family of 4. I'll be jealous!!