Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd day of 3rd Grade

I cannot believe that my little girl is not so little anymore, she may even be bigger than me in less than 2 years. (Being 4'11" that isn't a huge accomplishment!)

Merci has done very well, but the first few days are always easy.
She wasn't feeling good this morning, and wanted to stay home, but I made her go, so I am waiting for that phone call.

Me and E are enjoying lots of time together before he starts pre-school.
Merci slept over her aunts this weekend and Josh and I spent a lot of time with our little E.


Crystal said...

She IS getting so big! In that first picture she looks like a little airplane stewardess!

Wendy said...

She looks so beautiful in her little uniform:) Man, I wish that Wesley's school made them all wear uniforms. Would make things sooo much easier.

Melissa said...

Glad school is going good so far! Katelyn starts preschool this week so we have been enjoying our time together too while Gavin is in school!

Sugar and Ice said...

3rd grade already?! She look so cute in her uniform!!