Thursday, August 14, 2008


This has not happened before.
I have not been NOT looking forward to getting rid of my kids before.
Yeah I was sad when M started Kindergarten, but it was freedom form a crazy kid, I hadn't had a break from in 5 it was bitter sweet, but welcomed, I still had baby E to take care of (he was a very difficult baby), so it wasn't quite freedom, just a lessened load.
Even the 2 hour (30 minutes each way 2 times a day) wasn't a bad thing, E was strapped in and it was like a break.

Well after a few years, now M will be in 3rd grade and E will start pre-school.

I am actually having anxiety about WHAT I will do with the few hours a few days a week.
I have daydreamed about being bored and not having anything to do ( I know...).

2 kids in school. A break, a break 3 days a week for 9 months from the kids I love so much yet NEED a break from so often, and I am worried. I am close to an anxiety attack, like it will be good for a little bit and then I will find myself sitting in a closet twiddling my thumbs or something.

What is my problem?

Anyone want to go shopping??


Melissa said...

I would love to go shopping with you!! Katelyn starts preschool this year too. I will have 2 days a week with no kids. I cant wait to go to the grocery store by myself. Or most likely I will come back home and take a nap!! Dont be anxious- I'm sure your days will go by fast while they both are gone!!

L said...

Donna, Donna Donna! Just wait. You will be fine. You will be nervous and excited at first. Then excited once you know he's fine. then eventually maybe a little bored. But as for me, having gone through all those emotions, I still never ever regretted any of it.

N Loves it.

And trust me, you need a shopping buddy? A, lets go to ihop/starbucks/anywhere with no kids! day? you can always call me.


Wendy said...

Aww! I am sorry you are feeling so anxious. I know that I will be the same way when Lani starts next Fall. I would love to shop:) Get on your private jet and meet me in NYC!! LOL!!

Renata said...

Well, if you start missing having kids around, I'll come shopping with you, and bring my kids along ;-)