Monday, August 18, 2008

Taking me long enough

I used to post multiple times a day.
I used to post any event as soon as we got home.
I used to be blogging crazy.
Now, not so much.

I do keep in in Google reader with all of you! I rarely comment and I don't respond to commenter, BUT I want to change that, and hopefully with school starting I can make that happen.

I saw pictures from E's Jungle party and realized I hadn't posted them, so here are a few!
( It is so exciting that I can now upload pictures right to blogger!!)

Me and E stayed home from church the day of his party (and real birthday)
and he got his free ice cream from Coldstone (of course I got some too)

Monkey bags for the great peanut search

We got rained out so we had to decorate my dining room

The snake cake
(It was cute but I wanted it to be cuter)

Fun Jungle themed food
*Crunchy crawlers (cheesy puffs)
*Snake eggs (green grapes)
*Dried ants (raisins)
(Thanks to Family Fun)

LOOK HERE for more of our party decor.

I decorated with lots of plastic animals and bugs, it was FUN.


Renata said...

I haven't been very into blogging lately. I have a lot I'd like to write about, but I don't feel like it.

Wendy said...

I feel so similar. I feel like I don't write about anything too exciting. Now that my Summer is coming to an end I am really in trouble. LOL!! I am good about reading, but I only comment on a select few.

I am glad that E's party went well despite the rain. What a neat-o idea!! He was definitely enjoying his ice cream:)