Monday, August 04, 2008

A Sneak Peak....JUNGLE PARTY

If you were curious, my list (see previous post) is mostly highlighted, PLUS I did quite a bit NOT on the list, this should make up for what I didn't get done, right. baby will be 4 on Sunday. 4 is just too old for a baby, my baby...ugh.

We are having a JUNGLE party for him... (sissy had a Luau, so I was clever and decided to do a Jungle one for E so I could use some of the same decorations!!).

Here are a few things I came up with, for a little excitement:

I washed all the little plastic bugs E had in his animal basket,a nd froze them in ice cubes, I will put them int he green punch!!

And then the kids will drink their punch from coconut cups ($1/ea at Target!!).
I decided flowery cups weren't boyish enough so I hot glued some snaked to them, Walah...boyish!

Stay tuned for more fun stuff!
(P.S. You can steal my idea's go ahead!)

Oh and if you happen to be looking for or know someone who is looking for Quinceanera invitations check out the link!


Wendy said...

oh! You should totally be a party planner:) Those are some great ideas!!

L said...

Snakes on the coconuts? Bugs in the ice cubes? You are such a COOL Mom. All the boys will LOVE it!!!

I agree with Wendy. Be a party planner, I'll be your assistant party planner! How fun would that be?

Mandi said...

Cute! I'd love to hear about your luau...that's what I was thinking of doing for my baby's 4th birthday in October.

Beth said...

I really can't believe Ethan will be 4!! I guess you'll have to have another baby. :)

amy said...

you are so creative!!