Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hiding the clutter tip-Quick Clean Up

I wanted to share a wonderful idea I came up with a while back for cleaning up before company comes. My house is very small, we have a kitchen, living room and dining room downstairs, a bedroom for each of us (poor E has a tiny room), and a itty bitty bathroom. We do have a basement but it isn't really usable for living.
We do have a L shaped desk and desk top computer in the basement as well as a printer, fax etc, workstation, but it is kinda not real nice down there, and that is our "business" area, so I am only down there to do invoicing, bills and the like, oh and laundry too.

So when we have company there is very limited space to put stuff.
I use my dining room table to put all the papers etc. I am currently working on, all my coupons, fliers.
So my table is usually very cluttered.

So here is my table:

And here is my simple solution:

Use a cute bag (pictures is a EnviroSax) and put papers ( I am sure you all have a pile of bills, fliers, etc somewhere and don't know what to do to hide it) I also put my library books in it so there aren't piles of them everywhere.

Good idea, HUH.
I know you got a cute bag somewhere and hopefully a place to hang it!


Wendy said...

Great idea Donna:) I always have little piles everywhere that just end up getting moved somewhere else when people come over.

Sugar and Ice said...

I am currently in declutter mode. My house was simply ridiculous with all the papers, catalogs, magazines, coupons, etc. It's either going in the filing cabinet or in the trash...period. I can't stand it anymore.

Margo said...

Totally cute bag!! :)