Monday, August 11, 2008

A Monday morning boredom buster

Ahhhh...Monday mornings! Exhausted from all the birthday fun celebrating E's 4th birthday.
The house is pretty clean, even if it wasn't I wouldn't feel like doing anything...LOL.
So out with the new game!

Last week I got a new Noodleboro game delivered to try out with my kids.
I got the learning about Manners Picnic Basket game.

Let me tell you about it:
-It was very simple to understand and play
-It came with a book we read before playing the game
-It came with a cd we listened to during the game, and am currently still listening to!
-Comes in a sturdy box
-I thought the kids singing had really annoying voices (I'm being honest).
-Listed as age 4 and up, I think it could be 3-6, it was way too easy & non-challanging for my 8 year old.
-Perfect for my NEW 4 year old, he kept forgetting to ask nicely so it is something he can definitely learn from.

The Noodleboro line has a few different games to choose from:

-Learning about...Manners Picnic basket game
-Learning to....Share fun park game
-Learning to...Listen Pizza Place Game

And YOU get a chance to win one!

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