Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enough is enough

OK, when I read this I wanted to scream.

Last semester I did a paper on Food additives and you'd be horrified to know what they do to our food.

But now this on top of everything they already do....

They really don't care about people do they??

(I am not saying I don't eat the food they do the horrible stuff to, but it literally makes me sick...if junk food wasn't so good!)


Stam House said...

Wow is just make you want to grow your own food even more!!!! I'm so happy to know were my food is from and how is was treated!!!!

Our local farmers market and local farmers here are great!!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Renata said...

Yep, going local is the best bet. Have you ever been to the West Side Market? I haven't yet.