Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So Glad

In March I got a laptop for my birthday. It worked fine, but since day 1 I couldn't upload pictures to my blog...I could through Ebay, Myspace, Photobucket, etc...just not through my blog. Nobody that I knew could tell me why. We tried playing with settings ( I have Vista, which is a pain in the booty), adding blogger tot he safe list and so on. It just wouldn't work.

I either had to go to the basement to post when I wanted to add pictures or I had to upload to photobucket and then paste a link (both were annoying to me), but I dealt with it because I didn't know what else to do.

About a month ago I couldn't even get connected to the internet through my laptop, the computer wasn't seeing ANY networks, my iphone was seeing 2. UH OH.

Long story short, I dealt with it for about 2 weeks and spent numerous hours on the phone with wonderful people (insert sarcasm here), thought the worst, and then we backed up everything and restarted the laptop to original settings, and IT WORKED, and NOW I can upload to blogger....YIPEE!!!

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