Friday, August 01, 2008

Feeling bad

At the beginning of the Summer I signed my kids up at the library for the Summer reading program, and we haven't been there since. I keep renewing my

I feel like such a bad mom, but man is it hard to juggle 2 kids, their schedules (and E thrives on his), all my running around for business purposes, household purposes etc. and with no A/C in the car our time int he car daily is limited. UGH.

Maybe we will make it one more time so they can turn in all their coupons.


Wendy said...

We're the same way. Wesley is reading, but we never go write the books down so he can get a prize. He thinks they are cheesy anyway, LOL!! Our library had odd hours so we can never get there:(

Melissa said...

I thinks its finally hitting me school is right around the corner and I havent done half the things I wanted to do with the kids this summer. I feel awful so I know how you feel. This mommy guilt sucks!

Andrea said...

Those summer reading programs are fun...but i know what you mean about it being hard to get there! With holidays and all sorts of things going on it's just hard to go to places that you don't HAVE to go to. ;)

Renata said...

We went to the library for story hour almost every week. I still would forget to keep record. I did write down a few, but didn't ever take it in. It was only sad the first week, because he saw other kids getting stickers and such. After that I think all the parents slacked off :-)

FlipFlop Mom said...

Don't feel bad... didn't you read that fine print in the motherhood manual?????

Sounds like you're having a GREAT summer too!!! and yard sales.. Keep up the good work!!!!

Wendy said...

Hey girly! I saw what your wrote about me over on Elizabeth's site:) Thanks!! You are such a sweetie. WAH!! Why must you live so far away from me? Hope you had a great weekend. It must have been HOT there. I saw it on the news.