Saturday, January 09, 2010

Such a bad nights sleep

We are good sleepers around here, Josh and I AND the kids. I am forever thankful for this...we had a hard first year with out little guy.

So when I have a not so good nights sleep, I have a hard time with it, I NEED my sleep=)

Last night it was too hot in here, I think it was too warm in here...if that is possible. Our heat stays at like 68 or lower all the time, for affordability! But I think we need to start turning it lower for bedtime. Ive been kicking blankets off and taking layers off, even socks...this is very strange for me!

I also think with it being warm in here and not having a humidifier on our heater, that this is really the culprit. I have to run out plug in humidifier a lot and then I have to change the humidifier filters all the time, which is a pain.

I guess a night here and there of little sleep is better than every night, so I shouldn't complain.
Especially since today is a lazy day with nothing to do until 7 tonight=)

Hope you had a good nights rest and enjoy your weekend.


Rachel H. said...

We have had this same issue here! And we keep ours at 62! But yet I am kicking off blankets and begging for cold air in the morning. What is the deal!?!?! It's COLD outside!

amy said...

ours is at 63 with a humidifier, and i still end up with only a sheet! (i guess i am 8 months pregnant...) : )