Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shopped until I dropped today!!

Today the snow was falling much less aggressively! So I headed out to SHOP, like I had planned to do yesterday. I had saved all of my gift cards from Christmas until the kids were back at school (smart, huh!), so I could have a kid free shopping day. It was wonderful! I got some GREAT deals.

First stop was Old Navy- I love that store!! I happened across their famous .97 markdowns!
2 pair of workout shorts (YEAH, I know I don't workout, but maybe I want to...someday...lol), 2 skirts. A fur lined hoodie for $12.99 ::SCORE::, a new hat and new gloves...and I got E a few shirts...all his more expensive than mine...thinking about returning them.

Then I had to stop in the TARGET next door, for cat food -What? Of course not to look at the Christmas clearnace...;) Got LOTS of Christmas stuff for 90% off...yep...I only paid 10% of the original price...great deals!!

Next stop was PANERA...what is a shopping trip without Panera lunch break??? Have you tried their new Chicken salad?? YUMMY.

Next was umm...do you really want to know??....uh, yeah...TARGET is a different city ::blush:: but only becasue the previous one did not carry the cat food I needed for my cats with very picky tummies...more Christmas stuff for SUPER cheap.

And I did get some office work done before I left and some cleaning before I went to get the kids.
I did well...and now I am all shopped out....except I do need to go to Staples to pick up some office supplies to start off the new year...specifically a planner for Josh!


Rachel H. said...

How awesome you loaded up on all sorts of Christmas goods! That is the BEST! Will have to run by and check it out!! Thanks for the heads up.

amy said...

what a fun day!

do i miss those days when i could just run over to the other target a few minutes away (and another and another)? sometimes, but having limited choices (and peace and quiet) is nice, too. :)