Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I think I've mentioned it...

Actually I know I have mentioned that my little brother is going to get married...they have set a date in April 2011. And I couldn't be more excited...I love to plan and I love weddings!! So I am really looking forward to helping in whatever area they need help in. I know her family will be doing most things, since she is the bride and only little girl=) I hope I can be helpful without stepping over the boundaries...as the sister IN LAW...Oh my I am gonna be the sister in law, never thought about that before.

When I was planning our wedding we did it in 4 months and on a very MINIMAL budget, so we asked family to help out by gifting us stuff for the wedding, like my aunt got us our wedding invitations, and someone else chipped in for our flowers, and my aunts did our photography. It was great for us and it was great for everyone to feel part without being pushy=) You know how families can be in planning weddings.

So please, don't get sick of my talking about it....but my brother is getting married!!! And I'm excited.


amy said...

congrats!! how fun!

Toni Tate said...

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