Monday, January 25, 2010

April...come quickly...

I really am excited to start working out at the gym.
(Did you miss, that I signed up for a brand new gym, so new that it doesn't even open until April...haha)
So I am pumped up, but can't go yet=(
I am so sick, of reading about this diet and this best weightloss supplement, and this way of dropping 2 dress sizes in 5 weeks, and so on...I just want to work out so then I will feel good about myself and then the eating better will fall into place!
Until then, I am going to do a kickboxing class at the rec center with my soon to be SIL.
Hopefully she doesn't wuss out on me!

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Mom2Amara said...

Our new place opens in March and like you I cannot wait! I quit my last place for various reasons and with it being so dang dark in the mornings, I just haven't worked out. So I'm excited to just get moving again. I hope your wait goes by quickly too!