Monday, January 11, 2010

Does it really matter?

Does it matter if your insurance company is independent or not? Does it really matter if your insurance company trains it's employees better than the other?? Does it matter if your insurance company is out of your state or not??

To me NO...I am lucky, I have a friend who works with insurance companies all the time, so I just call her and ask if a certain company has problems or not, but really, as long as there is no big problems it is all about the cheapest car insurance.

I recently signed up to be a mystery shopper, and had to shop a few insurance was over $100/month MORE than my current insurance.
And he was shocked when I said I was going to stay with my current carrier...I was shocked he didn't understand.

I was getting the same amount of coverage, with a good named company, but Mr. expensive insurance thought the name of his company meant more than $100 more of my money a month.

As long as you know what your paying for and that you are covered well, stick to the cheapest!
Check the BBB first though=)

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