Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Missing my beauty rest...

Over Christmas break, I was pretty lazy when I could be=) No shame. The kids did good at sleeping in since we didn't have any set bedtime or anywhere to go most morning...and even on Christmas they slept till 8:30. They would wake up and I'd send them to go turn on the TV (we only have like 3 channels, one being WVIZ so I knew they wouldn't see anything bad channel surfing!) Id wake up an hour or so later and get breakfast for us all. I really enjoyed it=) I got to catch up on my beauty rest and both Merci and I worked on getting rid of ourdark circles Now, not only do they have to get up, so do I.

I've got one cranky morning person and one happy morning person! It is fun around here in the morning since I can be either of those=)

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