Friday, January 22, 2010

Little annoyances...

Isn't it so hard to not complain about the little stuff in our lives. I really try not to because I know they really don't matter AT ALL.

*Like so what if the nail in my floor board keep popping up, get the hammer out and pound it back in, even if it is every week..or just pull the dang thing out, it doesn' t really matter
*And so what if the drain you bought merely a year ago is rusting in your sink and looks ugly...does it really matter?? ( I should have bought a American Standard sinks)
Who cares if the wood on the front door is absorbing the paint and yellow is seeping out, even after you used 2 coasts of killz and 2 coats of regular paint...OH stinking well.

Should I really care? Should it stress me out? NO WAY...people in Haiti are sleeping in the middle of town with sheets as their walls, they are wondering where their next drink of water is going to come from, if they will ever have a structure to live in...I get so mad at myself for being so ridiculous sometimes...why do I have to have such a high strung personality...worrying about nothing??

"He is always working on me, to make me what I ought to be"...Keep working! Ive got a long way to go=)

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