Friday, January 08, 2010

It seems like forever in a blink of an eye

Josh likes to go through pictures and pick random ones to use as our screen saver on the desktop computer in the office. Today he chose this adorable one of Ethan like 3 years ago, when he was oh so little and baby looking=)
It seems like Ethan has been in our lives forever
(in both good and bad ways...haha...that 2nd kid is HARD).
When we talk to him about before he was here he has a hard time comprehending an din reality so do I.
It seems like hundreds of years ago we were sending out the baby announcements letting everyone know our little guy was here. But it was merely 5 years ago.

5 years has moved so slowly and so quickly at the same time.
I cannot believe how quickly time has gone and how those few years seem like our whole life in the same instant.

Ethan skated in his first show (this is the first production of any kind he has been part of).
He was so brave out there marching along the ice ever so carefully, with a confidence so new to me.

Looking at that picture and then looking at him perform in the same evening was emotional.

Oh my baby boy, take it slowly...PLEASE.

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