Monday, April 02, 2007

Doing Unto Others

Lately the enemy has been trying to tell me to stop. To stop loving others, to stop helping, big lies are being whispered into my ears. I want them to stop, although I will NOT stop!

( I guess you had to be at my church on Sunday to get that!)

By character I am am a loving, willing to help, giving individual. I love hospitality, always wiling to help and love dreaming up scenarios of really making a difference.

A few examples, I am always finding someone to give my kids outgrown clothes to. I hate having boxes of stuff lying around and we were never sure about how many or how close we wanted our kids. When we found out Ethan was a boy I went ahead and gave all our girl clothes away. Besides shopping for clothes for my kids is one of my favorite things to do! I am also always volunteering to watch others kids, bring meals to people, help in moving, etc etc.
I love to help and it gives me something to do.
Recently someone thanked me for planning a certain event and commented on how she feels bad I always get stuck doing everything. Well I actually enjoy it, and usually feel like I didn't even do much.

The lies I have been hearing are "Nobody appreciates what you do. " "Your friend wouldn't do that for you, " "Don't give those clothes away, nobody ever gives you any," "Why are you helping them, when you know you won't get anything in return."
Things like that.

But I felt like God just said "Donna, it doesn't matter, didn't I tell you to Do unto others as you want them to do to you." "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Be a light in the darkness."

Yes Lord you did tell us that, and like I told my husband. I am just in a season of doing unto others and waiting for my return!

One more thing.... My husband has been addicted to pod casts since he got his new Nano. He was listening to someone..not sure who..but that someone was saying..suppose God knew all your needs, suppose God knew exactly what you were going to ask for when you prayed, suppose God knew exactly what was on your heart (He does you know). Pray like you are communicating with God. Try it! Try to pray without asking, just talk to God.
It does say in the Bible to make your petitions known to God, and I know we are supposed to ask..and it will be given. But just sometime try to just dialogue with him. Try it and you may see.....haha!!


Crystal said...

You're never too old to remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. You go Donna! God is smiling upon you!

Bek said...

u are giving and loving, donna! :) love your advice on dialouging with HIM!