Monday, April 09, 2007

Did you?

Did you have a wonderful Easter?

Did you remember to celebrate Jesus?

We watched Passion of the Christ for the first time Saturday night, what perfect timing!!

And then we woke up to an accumulated 12-14 inches of snow=(

I said "They can't cancel church on Easter Sunday."
Little did I know a few cities away they only had maybe 2 inches of snow!

I took a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits out by the snow, but we are out of town and I forgot my card reader=(
(We are out of town with Josh, keeping him company on his business trip, I have my car this time so we can go to some fun places)

I'll post it next week sometime.

One question: If I woke up at 2Am and didn't take one sip of anything to drink and I went to the bathroom 5 times before 9:30 am, do I have a problem?? I was so annoyed!


Beth said...

The only time I peed that much is when I was pregnant. :-D

Gina said...

You might want to get it checked for sure. Bladder infection?