Saturday, August 20, 2005

Zoo, Potatoe Pancakes and Roses

I have wanted to post a few things for a while, but time is so hard to find lately.

On Monday I took my kids to the Zoo. I realized this is the last week to do fun stuff before Merci goes to school=( It was a nice mild day, perfect zoo weather.

On Thursday I babysat Ariana and Yesenia. I had two 1 year olds and two 5 year olds. It was actually a very good day. Yesenia and Merci played outside ALL day! No whining little girl at my side telling me how she wants this and that! They had a bad hour where they were in and out, in and out asking for stuff but other than that they were GOOD. I heard the door slam shut and so I yelled"WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW" in walks Josh with some roses. One red from him and 4 little yellow roses (one for each kid). He layed a kiss on me and left again! 4 stars honey.* Ethan and Ariana took naps at different times so I usually only had one crawling around playing. I decide since I couldn't be cleaning or running up and down doing laundry, that I would scrapbook! Perfect solution. I was right by the window watching the big girls play all day, and right where I could see the little ones playing. I finished 6 (back and front) scrapbook pages. YEAH ME! That brings me to Nov 2002. Yeah I know still a long way to go.

* This act is not of my husband, I don't know where it came from. Don't be jealous as he is not like this very often;) I love you honey for the wonderful surprises you throw to me randomly. They mean more than those of obligation

Last night Josh asked if he could make dinner. He had been talking about potatoe pancakes the other day, so I was kinda scared. But if he was really going to voluteer to cook that I would eat it! After researching on the internet, he found a yummy recepie. They were GREAT. Check
out his blog about this JOSH.

Last night we also rented Jurassic Park to watch with Merci, after realizing it was a lot more violent than we remembered, especially right before bedtime. We turned it off and brought Merci in bed with us. We talked and cuddled and prayed for her. The realization of her growing up is evident. only 4 more days until our baby starts full day Kindergarten.
So many emotions going around! After we prayed over her we asked her to pray for us.

"Dear Jesus, help my mommy....scrunches nose, makes my mommy turn 25 at her birthday. Amen.
"Dear Jeasus, help my daddy...talkes to self quietly, I can tell she is counting(couldn't decide what came next so she goes on)...I love daddy , I love him I love him I love him. Amen"

Here is part of our conversation.

Merci what are you looking forward to at school?
"Painting, I love painting. We can paint with our hands.

Merci aren't you excited to learn to read?
"Yeah. We can learn to paint fans. (While laying down staring at our ceiling track mind.)

Merci what don't you like about daddy?
"He doesn't have a blue truck"

I was a very precious time!


Bek said...

donna, i just love this post!
a romantic husband who brings roses to mama and kids and makes dinner! what a wonderful day! i have to ask, did he make from scratch or use a mix? i've never made from scratch before...also, those CUUUUUUUUUUUTe things merci said just made me laugh!! your little girly is growing up...

Jaime said...

Sounds like you had a great day at the zoo. You are a very brave woman for taking on 4 little ones! Wow! :) So sweet that you got roses.

Kelly said...

Way to go Donna! 4 little ones, ok I don't know that I could handle that one! I'm soooo GLAD they were all so good for you! That is soo adorable, roses and dinner from your honey! (NOTE TO JASON)Go Josh that definately made Donna's day extra specical! I can't believe your little Merci is going off to school! I seem like yesterday she was just a baby! It will be hard but good for all of you! Love Ya!

Donna said...

Bek, he did make them from scratch.
Merci was so cute last night. There were many more cute things she said but I can't remember everything. I need to write them all down somewhere!

amy said...

this post perfectly fit the name of your bolg. life is simple, life is sweet - thanks for the reminder!

Bek said...

ya u could keep a little journal somewhere convenient in tha house and just quickly jot what she says and the date - journals are 2 bucks at cvs right now - a lady i babysat for used to do this. one day i told her that her 4 year old daughter jody looked up in tha sky and said "the sun is like a bright good watermelon" ( kids are natural poets! ) anyway, her mom was like, "really? let me jot that down" - its a cool idea -

Anonymous said...

So cute, I enjoyed reading this Donna, it put a smile on my face=)

Angela said...

OOPS!! That was me up there --^, I don't know what happened, lol!

Humor Girl said...

Hi! You can definitely have my giraffe. Let me know if you want me to send you teh FULl size pic. :)