Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Not so sure I even knew this but, right now Josh doesn't really have a job. His bosses decided no more office work for him. They call him to do stuff for them when they need him. And he can't say no. We appreciate all they have done for us, by giving him things to do these past 8 weeks. But now what are we to do?? They are happy to have him back when his ankle is functional, so that is good.
I was scared today so I went to Tops to apply for a job. I have good cashiering and customer service background. Well I filled out the whole app on the computer at the store, they put up a message saying they were "very interested" and that I should ask customer service to speak to the manager on duty. I stood in the really long line for 20 minutes, I was next and then I got scared so I left. I hope that didn't blow my chances. I was afraid I would have to deal with all the ghetto people in my neighborhood. People who don't speak english, drugies, drunks etc. So pray. Either Josh and I both need to get minimum wage jobs or one of us needs to get a good paying job! But we only have one car and Merci needs to get toschool and what to do with Ethan. Josh might need surgery, we have no ins., how long will it take to heal??????????? So many questions? I am so scared. I have Faith, but it is sooooo hard to wait for what I have faith for. What to do, What to do??

I love you all and know you are all praying. Thanks a bunch.


Emily said...

so hard :(

i stand in prayer with you!

thankfully we have a God who promises to give us a hope and a future...unfortunately, that doesn't always mean "right now."

when you're in the midst of the fire it is really difficult to have faith.

but our God takes care of His own!

i'm so sorry you're going through such a rough season right now.

Jason said...

Yikes! This sounds like a hairy situation. I've shopped at that Tops many times, but, I'll have to admit that from time to time you see some of the wrong element role through there. You know what though, you'll see that at almost every Cleveland business.

Bek said...

Donna - a couple things came to mind as soon as I read your thoughts - first) GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. 2nd) this little kids song came to mind "when I am afraid, I will trust in You, I will trust in You, when I am afraid, I will trust in You, In God whose Word I praise." just like a little child! 3rd) if u haven't already, listen to the 4th track on the first cd of bill johnson's - i just did this morning and i immediately thought of you - he talks about faith and hope!! i love u Donna!!!!! He does too!!!

Donna said...

Bek we did listen to the whole 1st cd yesturday. We really like him. The cd was really encouraging! Thanks.

Cat scan has been scheduled for tommorow!

Kelly said...

We will be praying for you guys! You are going through some really difficult times. Hey maybe Jason will let me quit my job and I could watch cute little Ethan! I'm pretty sure he wouldn't let me but I could ask!

Jason said...

I have talked with Kelly and if she can find a way to make an equivalent or higher amount of money compared to her current job, she can do whatever it is that she likes.

cheryl said...

praying foryou donna...