Saturday, August 06, 2005

Garage Sale Sucess

Today was the big GARAGE SALE. 5 street extravaganza, they called it. There was even rent a cops on our street to direct traffic (our street is a bus line). It was crazy!! Unfortunately I didn't get to visit many other sales. I prayed God would help me find a cheap baby gate, I was at one sale down the street, and I turned and went "uhhhhh" like I have found $100. I was just amazed there stood the same gate I already have, a nice heavy duty gate. It wasn't cheap, it was $10, YUCK. Well later that day my brother-in-law, who will be staying with us for the week, was headin out to shop. I said to him "Isaac, I need a gate for a couple of dollars." 5 minutes later he comes back with the $10 gate, "Is that the $10 one", I reply. "Yeah but everything was half off, and they gave it to me for $3." YAHOO!! Thanks Isaac and most of all GOD.

So like I said the garage sale was a sucess. Autumn and Angela cam e and sold stuff too. We had so much stuff it was unbelievable. Not very many moms with kids or women pregnant with baby boys ( I had lots of little boy clothes). But somehow we still did good. Quarters add up quickly! I, Donna, made a little over $100, Autum made about $50, and Angela about $30. All on stuff we didn't want..COOL HUH!! So that was our day, selling junk and eating some pizza after we realized we hadn't eaten all day. And we got a break from our wonderful children, who we did miss!

So thanks girls for keeping me company and making my sale look bigger! Love you girls.


Bek said...

sounds like fun! how'd u get a break from your children?

Donna said...

Between naps, Josh watching them inside, my mother taking them for a few hours, and keeping Ethan busy in the stroller, I managed. Autumn and Angela's wondeful husbands watched the kids for them!

Autumn said...

Today I used some of my garage sale profits to buy some mums for my front yard (gotta work on the curb appeal!!!) and now I'm going to go plant them. :)

Donna said...

How pretty!! I need to plant flowers, I wanted to do it before everybody came over Sunday...probably won't happen, Oh well.