Monday, August 22, 2005

School Starts Tommorow

Well my little Princess starts Kindergarten tommorow. I am in denial! We had open house today and got to meet Mrs. B (Blogna). We got to walk around the school and see all of the rooms she will be going (Music, Media Center, Cafeteria, Gym and Bathrooms). Oh my goodness, my heart is fluttering just thinking about it. Someone might have to drag me out of the room tommorow, I might be having a crying attack. Well I will post cute pictures of her and her little uniform tommorow, and let you know how it went. I will also be going to the YMCA to workout, I was good in May and June and have taken a leave of absence since!!!! I am off to loose 25 pounds (really I cannot disclose my actual weight but it is definately 25 pounds over target weight for my body size). So cheer me on as a new Kindergarten mommy and a woman in need of loosing baby fat!!(or that is just what I blame it on=))

Oh my gosh my baby girl, is growing up so fast, I just cna't get over it, I just cannot believe...
sob sob sob...........................................;)


Bek said...

donna!!!!!!!! that is so exciting and sad - i just can't imagine iz starting his first day of school!! and 25 pounds? gee, girl, i can't imagine where u are hiding that!!?? can't wait to see first day of school pictures!

Jason said...

Supposedly I am overweight. At least if you go by those height/weight/age charts. I think those are a bunch of crap, but I will try to get down to my height/age target weight (177). Actually, if I manage to get there then I will reach my goal for 'looking good'. I've been trying to get down to 177 for about 3 years now and in 3 years I've only made it half way there (3 years ago I was 191 and now I am 184). I have been stuck between 184 and 186 for the last two and a half years! (ooh, and go Merci! I'm glad you are going to school today)