Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who's fault do you think it was??

Who's fault?? You guess.

Right on our own street, what the heck.
By the way I shuould have mentioned Josh is OK!! For once!
The truck on the other hand??
It was pretty cool the whole street got blocked off, Merci got to meet her first homeless guy, and Muslim woman in one day!


Emily said...

It's interesting that these posts came directly after your entry on "Being Angry." Sometimes you have to just smile and be glad every one is in one piece :)

Bek said...

what exactly heppenned???

Bek said...

also, glad merci is getting exposed to the world - how was her first day of school????

Donna said...

Yeah exposue to the world OK!! Scary. She actually trusted a littel girl she DID NOT know and ran away with her,into an alley trying to go to the girls house to see her toys. KIDS!!

Em, you are right we were definatley very very greatful for a person with car insurance and a truthful person at that. 2 very hard things to find here in the "GHETTO" JK we don't live in that bad of a neigborhood.