Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Time Has Come

The time has come for little Merci Rae to go to school. Today was Merci's first day of school at Parma Community School. Why Parma you ask?? Well we do live in Cleveland, one of the worst school districts around. So I am a good mom and drive 20-30 minutes to take my baby girl to an Awesome charter school in Parma. Did I mention it is right in the same parking lot as the YMCA...now I have no excuses for not working out. I did go today for 45 minutes. It may not sound long enough but I have asthma so I cannot do a lot of cardio. I feel like I accomplished a lot today and it is only 10:15!! Ethan is down for a nap so now I am left to do whatever I want!! 1 kid again, wow. Feels so weird. I do feel an emptiness without my best friend of 5 years! Enjoy the cute pictures.


Bek said...

soooooooooo big! what a big girl!!!!!!!!!!!! dont u remember how fun kindergarten was??? and i remember those little navy jumpers - are they schoolbells?? she is so adorable - how are u doing, mom?????

(i love that u call her best friend of 5 years!)

Kelly said...

The pictures are adorable! She's grown up so fast! She'll have fun today at her first day of school! Good job on the working out keep it up! Enjoy your alone time! Maybe I'll see you tonight!

Jason said...

kindergarten was a lot of fun. I loved my kindergarten and 1st grade teachers. I remember getting lots of free stuff like erasers and stickers all of the time.

Jaime said...

These pictures are so precious! I love the second one down. Hang in there... and good for you for going to the gym... 45 minutes sounds like ETERNITY to me. ;)