Monday, August 08, 2005

So many new things

as most of you have heard, merci has her first loose tooth. as i was rejoicing with her, i cried. i cannot believe the time has come for her little baby teeth to be replaced. it seems like yesturday they were coming in. the last 5 years have flown by so quickly. only 2 more weeks and off to kindergarten ALL DAY. i am excited at having 1 kid again, for most of the day, but i am positive that after a few days i will miss her being here. i love you merci rae with all of my heart. you will always be my baby!!

my little ethan has learned MANY new things this past week. how their little minds work is so amazing to me. i love this little monkey so much. ethan loves to climb on top of the coffee table, open the fridge and bring random condiments to you, play inside the toy box , pull everything off any table he can reach..among many others. i love you ethan chase, my little monkey!

As for Josh and I, well we don't change as much as these little cuties, we are the same old Josh and Donna. Josh is FREE!! More to come on that.


amy said...

congratulations, merci! (did it hurt?)

ethan is sooooooooo cute!

i'm very interested in hearing more about josh. . . but it sounds like good news!

Autumn said...

I know why Josh is free...

I heard him shout it to the whole neighborhood, lol!

Jason said...

Oh the enigma about Josh is driving me crazy!

Oh, and your post ends with all kinds of line breaks...which is driving me nuts. This usually means that in your original post you decided to hit your "enter" key a bunch of times at the end of your post.

Something like this. You can edit your post and delete all of that wasted space if you want to.

Donna said...

Yeah J, I was having lots of problems today I think I fixed it. I was having trouble with putting the pics where I wanted them, the font the way I wanted it. I think I was just in a rush!I fixed it (it was buggin gme too!)

Donna said...

I just fixed the font too but it isn't working, I am sooooo annoyed! If it doesn't work this time OH WELL.

cheryl said...

your kids are so cute!!! i don't think i've ever met them!

Bek said...

free from the cast right?????

also, the picture of ethan carrying u the condomints is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!