Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Birthday baby boy!


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ethan
Happy Birthday to you!!

I am just so amazed a year has gone by. Right about now last year I was litterally pushing him into this world! I love my little guy, and pray God will bless this year with learning, and all the possibilities a 1 year old can have!! I pray for improved eye sight, Lord! See you all on Sunday!


Jason said...

Wow, that is a BIG font.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! Have a FUN year!
God, Bless Ethan this year. Help him to continue to grow and keep him safe. May he find you at an early age and follow of you all of his life! Amen.

Autumn said...

Happy birthday, Ethan!!!
That is one of the cutest pictures of Ethan I've ever seen...and I've seen my share. :) See you Sunday!

Bek said...

is there sometghin going on sunday that i'm missing? ethan, you are too cute, bud!!

Donna said...

Ethan's party..I gave Andy an invitation one day in the video room.

Autumn said...

I was there...I'm a witness. Donna DID give the invite to Andy, lol! That's a dangerous thing to do in our family - give pertinent information to the man.

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!

Your children are beautiful! My niece has started to lose her baby teeth... so sad. :( How fast they grow up!

Anonymous said...

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Donna said...

Hey I think somebody got confused...all Donald Trump spam goes to Terry!

Thanks Autumn, i thought maybe I didn't give it to him!!

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