Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teaching teen about $

I have heard about these wonderful debit cards just for teens.
Such an innovative way to teach our kids about being responsible with money.

I wasn't taught this as a teen and it really hurt the way I learned about money and spending habits. I will not allow the same thing to happen with my kids.

These cards are definitely something I hope are around for awhile, I don;t think my 8 year old needs one, but it won't be long.

Maybe my husband should look into getting one for me!! LOL.

The Current Card by Discover
is one of the debit cards out there just for teens

Parents are able to set spending limits, restrict merchant categories (I REALLY like this option), parents are able to have access to their child's account and can also get email or text alerts.

There are so many other great advantages too, coupons, ways to earn flier miles and cash back, education for the teens on Discovers website and some great security features too!

Even some really cool designs to choose from=)

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