Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RIP Joey

Last night we burried our furry little friend Joey (our gerbil).
He was an evil little thing, he would attack us when we fed him, and we were never really able to hold him, but he was oh so cute.
And we all loved our Joey.

Merci picked him up and put him into a little Irish Spring soap box and we dug a deep hole. Merci was a champ about it. I let her take my one living flower from my birthday bouquet and place in on his site, just her and him alone.
She came inside with red eyes and tears and a big hug for me.
"I want to go get a new one, " were the first words outta her mouth.
(do I really want to do this again in a few years?? or sooner?)

This morning she again had a breakdown, poor girl.
At 5 Am she came in my room wanting to sleep with us because she was having a dream she was a little mouse...and was dying. Awe=(

On the way to school I was trying to soothe her sad little heart, explaining that as the days go by her sadness will be less and less.

She burst out crying, "It seems like it is getting worse, and he was evil so he isn't going to heaven...waaaahhhhh."

It was at that point I started cracking up laughing, out loud, and I am not usually an out loud laugher.

So then we had to talk about how animals don't really go to heaven and hell......and all that hoopla.

I think we may go get a new little pet tonight...why not, I have the food and bedding and all the stuff for one anyway.


amy said...

too sweet. it's a good lesson to not let the fear of great pain keep us from great love.

mike and i were talking about how we will have to go through thi with sandy and braelynn someday...

Crystal said...

What a horrible dream for a little girl! I did giggle a little bit when she said he was evil and didn't go to heaven though. Hope you find a new non-evil furry little companion for your little Merci =)