Thursday, March 19, 2009

Color does matter

I was recently asked to try/review a Listerine product by Johnsons through MomCentral

Listerine Total Care

We currently use Listerine in our home, and even our 8 year old uses it a few times a week.
(it says for children 12+, consult your dentist before giving to your daughter has almost all of her adult teeth already that is why we are ok'd to use)

We use Vanilla Mint currently.
But as soon as we got the PURPLE Total Care we had to try, it is purple it must taste better..right??

Well, it worked for my daughter, I still prefer the Vanilla Mint, BUT since the Total Care provides so many more benefits, I guess I could get used to it=)

Total Care has these wonderful benefits all in one rinse:

        • Helping to prevent cavities
        • Restoring enamel
        • Strengthening teeth
        • Killing bad breath germs
        • Freshening breath
        • Fighting unsightly plaque above the gum line
and the best part is that it is pretty PURPLE=) to the people in this house anyway!

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