Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taking it all in and adjusting

We have been on OUR new home for almost 2 months now!!
It all seems so unreal, when I walk into the house or pull in the driveway or wake up in a weird room etc.
I am sure you know the feeling I am talking about, not a bad one, just weird!

Some things I DO like:
#1 it is OURS!
#2 the yard that we will be able to use in a few more weeks!
#3 so much potential, working on that slowly but surely!
#4 a bigger bathroom
#5 a bigger kitchen
#4 an extra bedroom (office/work area for kids)
#6 a driveway that doesn't move when you walk on it (our other one was severely cracked up)

Some things I Do NOT like:
#1 the wall colors, white isn't horrible, jut not pretty, chartreuse is just ick
#2 light colored tiles...mopping and sweeping are getting old real fast
#3 the ancient furnace, saving up for that
#4 no AC Summer might not be real fun for me...saving up for that too
#5 icky basement...but BIG and lots of potential...icky just for now
#6 smaller hot water tank which means everyone runs out of hot water no matter how short/long their showers are...kinda interested in tankless water heater prices
#7 the list goes on here too...but not complaining just mentioning. We have many years here to fix all of this and make it better=)

I am extremely grateful for this house and love it no matter it's flaws.

Happy 2 months of knowing you house!!


amy said...

#7 - knowing the monthy check your write to your mortgage lender is like paying yourself!

#8 - anything you fix or make better is like paying yourself, too!

Renata said...

I can imagine how you feel about the walls. Your other house was so beautifully painted. But it will get there.

The cons list you have may be longer, but they are all temporary. The pros are more permanent and definitely bigger in value.

Crystal said...

Praying for financial breakthrough so that you can get all the little things your heart desires!