Friday, March 20, 2009

Here they are

Nut is the darker gray one and Fluffy is the light one.
Ethan's is Nut (named him all by himself) and Merci's is Fluffy (she also came up withthis original name!)

They are so tiny and cute, and still have not bit!!!
We are excited to have little creatures to hold.

(Like I said before, we were never able to pet/hold Joey...he even bit through Josh's work gloves)

I am sure I won't be around much this weekend, with a funeral, ice skating lessons, HSM2 play, 2 birthday parties and having people over 2 nights this weekend...yikes.


amy said...

so cute! hope they stay nice!

Wendy said...

Must be nice to be a hamster! The chubbier you are the cuter you are, lol! I'm glad to hear they are being nice. I hope they stay that way.