Saturday, January 03, 2009

So much work

I have been looking forward to moving for YEARS.
I would not have, if I'd realized all the work involved.
Last time we moved we'd only been in an apartment a year, so the amount of STUFF was minimal.

I am so exhausted, packing, painting, cleaning (here and there), keeping kids occupied since they are on Winter break, and so many, many other things. UGH.
I am excited because the scale is doing things I like, since I am up and going, going and not stopping, and forgetting to eat in there too.

I know the reward will be great when we are in OUR home all cozy and happy.

Until then there are so many things to finish, like finishing painting Ethan's new room, cleaning good at the new house (been empty for 2 years), painting a few other rooms, figuring out what we are gonna do in the bathroom (pink everywhere, ick), putting more cabinets/storage in the kitchen, buying a new dryer (we only own the washer that we have, the dryer was here when we moved), looking for new indoor lighting (all fixture and ceiling fans have gotta go).

I know all this will come in time, I am just one with too much patience=)

Hopefully I will post picture of the progress in Ethan's room.
It is looking great, but it sure is BRIGHT.

Talk to you all soon=)


Renata said...

And I've been SO bored here :-) The kids have been restless too. I know winter break is almost over but let us know how we can help.

Mike and Amy said...

enjoy the craziness! it won't last long. i kinda like going through everything now and again. clearing stuff out is soothing to me.

Jenna said...

I promise, it will be worth it!