Monday, January 26, 2009

Bragging Rights part 2

A project Josh did last week:

Entertainment unit before (not a good pic but the only one I could find)

And entertainment unit after (yep same one!), to fit NEW TV

And Another project:

Just a normal cute little table, we've had for awhile
(sorry slipcovers being washed UGLY couch in back ground)

Josh fabricated it to open up on hinges, and he put a bottom on it and now it hides all the remotes!

Is he AWESOME or what??

And the dishwasher is here! Just can't use it right is a portable one, but won't fit our faucet so Josh might run water hoses from basement to the dishwasher and then it doesn't have to be portable! We will see. And do you see the orange towels?? That is what color my kitchen will be...someday!


Renata said...

Very cool Josh, but unless you really want to do the water hoses thing, send us a picture of your faucet. We had to change a piece to get ours to fit.

Wendy said...

You are totally lucky!! Can I please borrow him for a while? Michael is soooo not handy:(