Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling better

In the midst of moving and packing I hurt my shoulder. The chiropractor said it was probably an injury in the rotator cuff. I have been in so much pain, and barely able to use my arm (my Right one of course). I still used it and was in very bad pain for days, which lead to breakdowns and a no unpacking getting done. NOT FUN. I am actually feeling much better today and will see the chiropractor again tonight, hopefully, if the weather doesn't get worse (we drive an hour to see this guy). I should be on track to get this house up and running next week.

So what I am trying to say is we are here in our new house, it is a mess, I am frustrated, and I am wondering how long it takes to feel like this is our home and not some strange place?

And when will all this snow go away?????


~mike said...

Don't let your heart be troubled by boxes and piles, it takes a lot of time for the feeling of normalcy to arrive. You may even feel some buyers remorse before you feel totally at home (the next time you see a leaky faucet or a crack in the plaster). However, as you personalize each room, hang pictures of loved ones, make memories, and build a life in those four walls, it will become HOME (Happiness On Mud and Earth).

Take it one step at a time, one room at a time, one wall or corner at a time... and enjoy every moment and every beautiful thing that comes to pass. This is a dream that you have carried with you, a promise God had for you, and, of course, the enemy would prefer that you focus on the pains and sorrows (steal, kill, destroy). I personally struggle with the thought of going back up north at times (as if it would all be exactly as we left it), but then I think of all the clear and unquestionable words we had from God and all the promises and blessings we have experienced to confirm that we are in the right place. The Israelites were much the same way when they left Egypt, and so it's always good (for me) to consider that they acually regretted leaving slavery when God was trying to give them a kingdom.

We are so happy for your family, and we can't wait to come up and paint or unpack or anything to help out.

amy said...

the snow might go away in april. til then, feel better!
and amen to what mike said.
as you can see, he's home at 11:30 on a thurs, so - SNOW DAY!!!! : ) we got 6 inches here, and that basically shuts down the county. the county is literally on a level 2 emergency. (the worst is level 3)

Jason said...

Ooh, I hurt my rotator cuff in October...I'm still hurting from it (but it is FINALLY getting better).

Renata said...

Are you telling me you have lived here your whole life and you are asking when the snow will end??? I thought that was what I was supposed to ask :-)

Hope you feel better soon.

Jenna said...

We moved into our new house in the beginning of April last year. We painted some of the rooms... and in some ways it felt like it was ours.

It really took going back to our parents' houses this month to make this feel like home. On our drive back to Colorado all I wanted was to be sitting in our living room or sleeping in our bedroom... Something about leaving it and coming back to it really made it sink in that our house is our home.