Thursday, January 22, 2009


My wonderful husband turned 30 yesterday!
I have a little over 2 more years until I am 30, and I am sure it won't be so bad!
Didn't do much, he worked around the house, we went to 2 different Home Depots and also to Lowes, which made him happy! We also went out to a nice restaurant for dinner.
A nice casual day.

I made him his favorite, Peanut Butter cookies, today.

He got his house by 30 and hopefully he will have a car to buy performance parts for by his 50th=)

Happy Birthday LOVE.


Jason said...

I was wondering whether he wanted to celebrate with a bunch of people - but knowing Josh probably not!

Mike and Amy said...

happy b-day! 30 sounds old to me, i have to say... even though i'm not far from it.