Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ethan's Room complete

Before: Purple Room

During: Thinking it may be too bright

After: We love it!
He isn;t spoiled or anything is he??

We need to do something with the armoire, but for now it will do.
Even the purple carpet doesn't look too bad right now.
It will stay.


Stam House said...

wow what a cool room!

Wendy said...

It looks great! All the stuff in there definitely toned down the walls and carpet. We are getting Wesley's old room which is now the playroom painted on Monday. My FIL loves to paint so he is coming over to do it. I love him so much for that, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool room! We have slanted ceilings in our girls' rooms also. We actually just put up glow in the dark stars on the walls. I think that would look great on his painted ceiling...especially because of the color!

Melissa said...

I think it looks great! We are getting ready to move too and I am most excited about redoing the kids rooms in the new house!

Mike and Amy said...

he was content in his tiny room for so long, this is a wonderful treat for him! so fun and spidermanish. can't wait for more pics!!!

Bek said...

hey donna
cute - how fun for ethan! as i'm sure u could tell, i got a little behind on email - hope u guys had fun superbowl - a and i stayed in and watched it together - it was a good game!