Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bragging rights

I wanted to brag on my husband a bit.
He has done SO MUCH, since we moved in.
He makes whatever I mention I might want.

I LOVE how handy he is and the fact that what he makes comes out so much better than I thought it would!

We have HUGE lack of counter and cupboard space, well usable cupboard space, that I can reach without a ladder...LOL.

We have very deep cupboards, which is good but causes much more rearranging and digging than preferable to get at stuff.

I had mentioned I wanted slide out things on my bottom cupboards, we were looking at Lowes but they were either cheap or really expensive, so he MADE me some.

Just like that!
I mentioned it as a future purchase/project.

So here you have his handiwork, Oh and I have a few more projects to show off as I remember to take pictures, and I still have to show the finalized kids rooms.


Renata said...

Very cool!

Beth said...

Very impressive!

Jenna said...

You're right! Having handy husbands is awesome!

amy said...

that's AWESOME!

Sarah said...

Can he come over and put rolling shelves in my cupboards? I have this one tall cupboard that i want rolling shelves in...otherwise it's just a pain.....please?? :)