Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What if a book said....

My son has been showing signs of anger issues for awhile now, and it has been getting worse.

I bought some books from Scholastic that were about controller anger issues. It was a 3 pack. I though this could be a start to talking about his anger.

I like 1 out of 3 books.

Here is how one went...

Mad, mad, mad!

Nicholas took veronica. (From pics you can see a baby took his sisters doll)
He sucked her hair.

Veronica (the doll) hates baby spit.
I hate baby spit, (sister telling story)
I hate Nicholas!

Veronica got a time out.
Me, too.

We have to think and be sorry.

But, we don't think we are sorry.

We think we still hate Nicholas.

Veronica thinks that Nicholas should disappear.
Me, too.

No more Nicholas. (she puts a blanket on her brother.)

No more Nicholas?

But sometimes Nicholas is silly.
Veronica likes that.
Me, too.

Nicholas smells nice after a bath.
Veronica likes that.
Me, too.

And he gives good hugs...for a little brother.
Veronica likes that, too.

Veronica thinks she needs to think some more.
Me, too.

Veronica thinks she doesn't really hate baby spit. OR Nicholas.
I think Veronica is sorry.
Me, too.

I think. (As brother pulls doll from sisters and sucks on her hand).

SO...remember the red bold big letters are from the book, not my addition.

I have a problem with this book, a big problem.
Yet I understand why some may not.

Hate is an emotion we all deal with, a word we say about stuff, but not usually people.
My son has been using this word a lot, and I don't tolerate it.
He tells me he hates me when he is angry.
It hurts even though he doesn't mean it and is angry when he uses it.

Why would I want to read this word to my kid, even if it isn't something he says?

I understand anger is an emotion, but there should be NO reason to use the word hate to help a kid understand how to control his anger.

I am so upset at this book.
I will be calling scholastic, since another out of the three told about a boy who was packing up his stuff to run away (why would I want my kid to know that is an option at the age of 4???)
This book is a series that E loves and we read a lot of, I was very disappointed.

The other book was perfect and exactly what I was looking for!

What are your views about the book I shared???
NO, that book is ridiculous, Yes, I'd read that to my kid.


Melissa said...

I would NOT have read that book to Gavin. We do NOT use that word in our house. Its in the same category as swear words. I would complain too!!

Wendy said...

I definitely would not have read that. Lani is already starting to use that word. I know that I say it a lot in a totally innocent way and now I have to be extra careful. She told me that she "hates" barrettes the other day. HUH? So, reading a book with those words would NOT be good for my little sponge.

I hope this wasn't in one of the books I sent you:( We never read any of them. Sorry!!!

Sugar and Ice said...

I suppose if you didn't want the kid to pick up the word then you wouldn't want to read that book for sure. If he's already using the word, then I'm not sure reading the book would make a difference..I guess it depends on how they use it within the book. If the book shows that the word is hurtful and shouldn't be used then maybe it could be a good tool for getting him not to use it again. Based on what you've typed, I can't really tell much about the book, but I'd understand you not wanting to reintroduce that word to your kid.