Friday, October 31, 2008


It is so hard to think that it could happen.
To ANYONE. At ANYTIME. Good person or bad.

Loosing my uncle has been hard.
Two weeks ago today I got the call.
Two weeks ago my aunt watched her husband die as they drove to the ER.

Like I have mentioned before, I am mourning for his family.
A left behind wife and 2 sons.

Josh and I were talking a few days before about who's grandma would be the first to pass.
Unsuspecting it to be anyone else.

Just know how important it is to sat I love you every chance you get and show love in tangible ways every chance you get.
It is hard to remember sometimes but when you go through something like this, or like when I almost lost my husband, it becomes more real.

Josh and I don't currently have life insurance but we NEED to get it.
My uncle only had a small policy through his work, his family will suffer because of it.
We have decided to look into life insurance rates SOON. Especially with buying a new house soon.


Melissa said...

Such a good point. We dont have a will or life insurance!

Jenna said...

Isn't it awful that it takes something this tragic to say "I love you" often?

My husband and I have a little bit of life insurance but were just talking yesterday about our need to up it now that we own a house... good reminders.