Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Coming Out

My days seem filled with defiance, anger, battle of wills, messes and then depression.

As E gets older it seems like each age is harder and harder.
I love the kid so much.
We DO have good days, we had a whole week of good and now 2 days in a row of HORRIBLE. It seems to be stirring up all this anger that I didn't realize was inside of me.
(Now I am seeing where he gets it)

I heard something a month or so ago that I have gleaned from, I have used it for me, for Merci, and from Ethan.

What comes out of our mouth, or comes out in action, is coming from our heart.
So if I am displaying anger, or saying inappropriate things these emotions are coming from within.
I need to change my heart.
Hearing that and now seeing all this anger come out of me and out of E has been something very hard for me to deal with. BUT, it has been good in ways too.
I am recognizing hurt, that I wasn't able to recognize before.
I am confronting it, (slowly but surely).


"He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his
God and he shall be My son.

I hope this road is short!


Sugar and Ice said...

I actually needed to hear this....I have a few things I need to overcome as well. I hope you're able to do so as well. Thanks for the reminder!

Beth said...

Many times it is difficult to face the truth in our lives. You know the struggles I had last school year... but at some point WE ALL have to face the skeletons hiding in our closet. I am so thankful that we don't have to face them alone. We have the ONE that designed us and loves us more than we will ever know on our side and guiding through.