Sunday, October 05, 2008

Miss my baby girl

Today we went to my Aunts house for "dessert day."

Elephant ears, smores, blueberry cobbler, my grandma's awesome cake, chocolate dipped strawberries....we did have spaghetti and nachos in there somewhere too
(yep, right to the thighs, I know..I'm gonna walk tomorrow, I am.)

Anyway, she has all these pictures of my kids on the wall when they were little, I mean itty bitty, in like I cannot believe that was my kid.
Pictures from when E was born and M was holding him, staring at him adoringly
(that didn't last long)...
They were so tiny and sweet.
I realized how much I miss dressing up my little girl, if she was still that little and took my fashion advice (which she DOES not) I'd be able to buy her stuff like these adorable things from
Tea Collection...oh my, it is sooooo CUTE.

Someday she will listen to me when I tell her something in cute or not so cute right??
I didn't loose that forever did I?

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