Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cedar Point

Josh and I went to Cedar Point last night.
We had previously bought cheap tickets and needed to use them by Nov 2, when the park closes for the season.
It ended up being us and his family (8 of us in all).
It was fun, but as with any large group, it is hard to get too much in especially since they were only open 6-midnight.
I only rode 3 rides, all good ones so I won't complain.

I thought I might die (seriously was shaking like never before & hallucinating about not being able to breathe), but I went for the 1st time and it was the best ride ever!!
Here are the stats

I also went on The Maverick for the first time, it was a wild crazy ride!
You have no time to get your self ready because it takes off and goes FAST up the huge hill, I was NOT ready for the. It was FUN though.
And kuddos to my SIL (12) and BIL (11) who rode this at there 1st roller coaster ever!

Then onto The Raptor which I love but made me incredibly sick, my head equilibrium is still off today, I hope I am ok.


Crystal said...

Yeah! We all had so much fun! And kudos to you for conquering the dragster!

amy said...

you are braver than i. i refuse to go on the dragster. everything else i love!