Thursday, October 09, 2008

So may emotions

So many emotions is ONE day is hard to handle.

A huge God thing (will tell the story soon), a hurtful email, TWO good long talks, & a library date with another coupon crazed woman. LOL.

My mind is going crazy.

Need to go to bed, but waiting for hubby to finish the biggest estimate he has ever seen.
(that is another God thing...he is working overtime for us lately!)

Gonna go to bed now.

If my mind will calm down.


amy said...

most of those sound good!

grrr to hurtful emails, if someone has something mean to say, don't say it all or SAY IT IN PERSON!

Stam House said...

I have mix emotion today too good and bad is the same day My head is racing!!!!

Renata said...

Glad you have been able to see the God thing in the midst of the rest. And if anyone is working overtime right now, that's a pretty good sign.

Melissa said...

Donna, I could NOT believe that I didnt have you in my blogroll! I was so totally floored. Then I realized that I have your button on my sidebar so it made me feel a little better, haha. I am working on my blog this weekend and I will DEFINATELY add you!!
Have a good weekend!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

girl... I haven't blogged all week.. due to the "blues".. but it seems almost all the blogs I have read from this past week.. everyone has just been experiencing.. "crap"....

Keep your chin up.. Lord knows I'm trying to..
Wish you did visit NH!!!! Ahh maybe next fall??? or sooner!!