Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Girl

Usually it is E who has the funny things to say/do it was M today!

After school we saw a pimped out Jeep drive by (we are partial o Jeep's since I drive one, and because daddy likes to point out pimped out ones!) Anyway...right on top was a HUGE dead dear.
M started freaking out....

M: "Oh my, Oh my gosh, when I am president I will make that illegal, no killing those ::start baby talk voice here:: poor baby deers, oh those poor things....wawawa" (drama queen?? YEP)

When M was looking through her homework assignment books, she saw that it said
Yom Kippur starts at sundown. Her being a child who cannot be left out of ANYTHING, insisted to daddy that we celebrate Yom Kippur. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with Jewish holidays, but since we are not Jewish, me nor my husband really knew what it was they celebrated and how. I proceeded to look it up on the good old net and found out the not so desirable way in which it is celebrated (she was not interested in not eating for the whole day), she wasn't interested, she was u=interested in finding out where we could find a pool to cleanse in though. That girl, I know she was thinking ...POOL PARTAYYYY!!


Wendy said...

oh my! That is too sweet:) M is adorable!!

amy said...

too funny about the deer and especially the holiday/fast! : )