Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ThankFULL week

It is Tuesday and the last day this week my kids have school. I am thankful for the option to put them in a charter school. We don't have the finances to pay for private schools, and don't feel led to home school, and definitely don't live in a good school district so cannot send our kids to public schools. So I am extremely grateful for this "other" option we have!

Our kids class size can only be 20, they must wear uniforms, they get character education (kindness, loyalty, trustworthy, etc...) they are greatly cared for and known by all the teachers and the list goes on. We love our kids school!!

And all in all I am thankful my kids get the opportunity to go to school at all, so many kids in other countries count it a privilege to get an education and here in the US it is taken for granted the opportunity to be educated.

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